• We Help You To Automate Business Tools

Zoho Mail

We help you to Automate your business tools using Zoho One 

As a best Zoho Affiliate Partnerwe will help you maximise your investment 
in Zoho apps and ensure that it is implemented effectively and meets your business needs.
Our Zoho Experts in India and UK will make your transition to run smoothly.

We help you to automate you business toolswith our skills and expertise.

Zoho CRM - Web & Mobile App

  • CRM software helps you to scale your path to success in your industry. 
  • Zoho provides Analytics Solution, Finance Solution, Mobile Application Development, HR & Payroll Solution using multiple Zoho Application
  • Zoho One tools are dedicatedly designed to cover all business units or verticals.
  • Zoho Support  is one of the advantage of it.
  • Zoho Email - Secure business email for your organization.
  • Zoho Projects - It is a cloud-based project management tool that helps you plan your work, track it efficiently, and collaborate with your team wherever they are. 

ZOHO Integration

 We help you to integrate your business tools with each other within Zoho applications and we help you to integrate any third party application with your Zoho applications.
We setup and suggest all apps Zoho Integration.

Zoho Marketplace
Zoho Billing

Data Migration in ZOHO

Data Migration is a key point for the revolution of any business process. While switching from existing software or process to a new one it becomes important for an organization to help their employees to adopt it asap in a simple manner.

The CloudHub Technologies team understands this and will help you to run this data migration process very smoothly and take care of each and every aspect of this.

Training & Guide

Our experts will provide hands-on training on the software.

We provide there level of training as follows:

1. Level - I - User level training

This is for a system users which mainly focus on How to use the software.
2. Level - II - Admin level training

This is for a Admin users which mainly focus on monitoring and manage level - I.

3. Level - III - Super Admin level training

This is to manage and understand the software automation and features.

Zoho Training

About Us

At Cloudhub technologies, we are commited to work hard every second as our slogan in our creativity and your satisfaction.
we are promised to our slogan and only work for customer satisfaction for our service. 
We aim to build a customized software for each business unit which offers an automation and make human's job easy with more accuracy. 

Our mission is to automate all scale business which came provide us an opportunity to work with then. 
Our Vision is to become a worlds best Software (ERP / CRM) service provider company which offers different kind of ERP services.

One of the youngest organization with Zoho certified experts with having more then 5+ years of experience in Zoho ERP.

Over 100+ Zoho Implementation for customers which belongs to different industry.

Serve Zoho services remotely all over the world and carrying huge experience working with clients from outside india.